Roadworthy Inspections

To ensure your used vehicle has everything it needs to handle Victoria’s roads, a VicRoads licensed vehicle tester needs to undergo a roadworthy inspection and be deemed roadworthy. This is required before your vehicle is sold, traded or otherwise changes owners.

We can provide roadworthy inspections for all makes and models of large vehicle, covering trucks, trailers, buses, vans, SUVs and more.

Wheel Alignment

As the tyre industry brought major improvements in tyres through better stability and handling, tyres have also developed a lower tolerance to misalignment.

Keeping your tyres aligned is critical for your fuel efficiency as well as the wear and tear of tyres for your heavy vehicles.

In the process you will get more out of your trucks in kilometres before you need to replace your tyres and better fuel efficiency thus saving you a lot of money.

Axle Correction & Repairs

At HVA we provide you with axle correction services as well as axle repairs.

If your truck has been in an accident we will assess the condition of the axle and fix any damage if necessary. We will test the axle beam, steering arms, stub axles, kingpins and third arm for cracks to ensure that there are no damages. We will also do a visual check to ensure the conformity of all parts and finally check the spring seat angles along with camber and castor angles.

After passing all the tests we will then refit the axle to the truck.

Suspension Repairs

Proper suspension is critical for your vehicle to hold the road properly.

We will perform necessary repairs to get your suspension into top working condition for you to be safe on the road.

Trailer Servicing & Repairs

We can service your truck trailer, including brake repairs.

You can come see us if you are having issues with your trailer.

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